Who is Slick Stevie ? (TikTok Star) Wiki, Biography, Age, Girlfriends, Family, Facts, and More

Slick Stevie is a famous TikTok star, Youtube Star and Social media Influencer from the United States. Slick has inspired millions with his creative ideas and quality content. Today, TikTok star Slick enjoys more than 3.6 million followers. He enjoys the ride and continues building strong and meaningful relationships with his followers.

Born to tickle funny bones and master the art of short-form entertainment, Slick Stevie has ingeniously leveraged TikTok’s capabilities to showcase his comedic prowess. His journey towards becoming a recognized name began with a simple realization: the power of laughter to bridge connections in an increasingly digital world.

What sets Slick Stevie apart is not just his ability to deliver punchlines with impeccable timing, but also his knack for relatable content. In a world that often feels fragmented, his sketches touch on shared human experiences, uniting viewers through laughter. Whether he’s parodying everyday situations, impersonating relatable characters, or creatively lip-syncing to popular tracks, his content is a mirror that reflects the quirks of modern life.

Slick is a top content creator on a mission to spread joy and laughter through his unique storytelling and highly entertaining videos.He is known for his looks, cute smile, Style, and Amazing Personality. He is also famous for his eye-catching Instagram pictures and Videos. He has a huge fan following. He is primarily famous for comedy videos and performs lip-syncs and POV videos on TikTok (Musical.ly). He usually shares his fashionable outfits and modeling photos on his Instagram. We will walk you through all about him.

Check out his Wiki, Age, Family, Facts, and more.

Who is Slick Stevie?

In the realm of social media, individuals find innovative ways to capture the attention of millions. One such luminary is “Slick Stevie,” a charismatic content creator who has taken the TikTok platform by storm. With his razor-sharp wit and magnetic personality, Slick Stevie has cultivated a massive following of over 3.6 million followers on the platform, solidifying his status as a social media star.

The journey to social media stardom, however, was not an overnight phenomenon. Slick Stevie’s rise required dedication, innovation, and an understanding of his audience. He recognized that TikTok’s algorithm values consistency and creativity. With this in mind, he committed himself to a rigorous posting schedule, ensuring that his followers were treated to fresh hilarity regularly.

His YouTube account that offers a delightful mix of comedic content, vlogs, pranks, and challenges. Boasting a dedicated following of over 1.1 million subscribers. Slick Stevie’s journey underscores the transformative power of YouTube in the modern era. With a single click, he transports his viewers into a world where laughter knows no bounds and shared experiences build a virtual camaraderie.

Slick Stevie Education

He hails from Sarasota, Florida.  His age is 24 years old as of 2023. His Zodiac sign is Cancer. He is American by Nationality. His date of birth is July 3, 1999.

His real name is Steven VanderBaan.

Education Background: He completed his early schooling at a local high school in the United States. After that, he enrolled at a local university in the United States from where he graduated.

Slick Stevie Wiki/Bio

Popular Name Slick Stevie
Real Name Steven VanderBaan
Occupation Tiktok Star and Youtube Star
Age (as of 2023) 24 Years Old
Birthdate July 3, 1999
Birthplace Sarasota, Florida
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Net Worth 0.5 Million Dollars+
Qualification Graduate
Alma mater N/A
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Religion Christian


Slick Stevie Career

Slick Stevie’s story isn’t just about comedic sketches and viral fame. It’s a narrative that exemplifies the potential of social media to redefine careers and create communities. His journey underscores the democratizing nature of platforms like TikTok, where anyone with a smartphone and a creative spark can capture the world’s attention.

Stevie’s journey to becoming an influencer is a testament to his passion and dedication. Starting over Tiktok, he quickly gained traction for his amazing comic timing.

He launched his TikTok account in October 2019. As his videos gained traction, the floodgates of social media opened wide for Stevie. His mesmerizing comedy garnered attention from people of all ages and backgrounds, transforming him into a genuine internet sensation.

Besides creating viral and trending content, Slick Stevie is also going strong on YouTube with a family of more than 1.1m subscribers.

This relentless work ethic, combined with his genuine engagement with comments and trends, fostered a sense of community that set the stage for his meteoric ascent.

He runs a podcast with her Girlfriend/Wife Getajobpodcast.

He endorses various brands and has collaborated with various famous Influencer like TooTurntTony to create fun content.

Slick Stevie with TooTurntTony



Slick Stevie has cultivated a massive following of over 3.6 million followers on the platform. He enjoys making Tiktok. Check out his Tiktok Acts.


Yes 911… we’ve got her.

♬ original sound – Steve

He runs a popular Youtube channel where he uploads fun Videos, Vlogs, prank videos, etc. His channel is a treasure trove of laughter-inducing sketches, where he fearlessly dives into parodying everyday situations, leaving his audience in stitches. Beyond humor, he offers glimpses into his own life through vlogs, fostering a sense of connection that transcends the screen.

Most of his youtube videos are with his girlfriend Cayla Koshar.

He is a fitness enthusiast and workout to maintain his physique.

Slick Stevie Gaming

He is a popular Twitch streamer and has garnered over 270k+ followers. Slick Stevie has etched his mark in the digital world as a gaming virtuoso.

Fueled by an unwavering passion for video games, Slick Stevie has made a name for himself as a Twitch star. His streams are a virtual playground where viewers embark on exhilarating journeys through the realms of Overwatch and Fortnite. With a skillful blend of strategic gameplay and engaging commentary, he keeps his audience on the edge of their seats, turning every session into a thrilling adventure.

Checkout his gaming setup worth 7k dollars.

With an impressive following of over 270,000, he has demonstrated that his gaming expertise is matched only by his ability to foster connections and entertain.

Slick Stevie Physical Appearance

He is Smart and Cute. He is hugely popular among the youth. He is approximately 5’7″ inches tall and weighs around 65 kg. He has a Lean Build. He has greyish eyes and blonde hair.

Slick Stevie Net Worth/ Income

How much is the Net worth of Slick Stevie  ? Slick Stevie make a huge income from Sponsorships, Advertisement, Paid Collaboration, and Ad Income.

Net worth’s are notoriously tricky to work out, so there are no accurate details on Slick Stevie’s net worth right now. However, despite only being in his early 20’s, Slick Stevie is thought to be raking it in from sponsored social media posts.

He recently bought a house in April 2023.

Slick Stevie House

Slick Stevie Family, Religion & Girlfriends

Slick Stevie comes from a well-off family.

She married her long time girlfriend Cayla Koshar. They tied the knot in April 2023.

Slick Stevie Wedding with Cayla Koshar

He has a younger sister 14 years old as of 2023 and a brother 17 years old as of 2023.

Slick Stevie Sister

Slick Stevie Brother

He proposed her on 29 Mar 2021 and check out the proposal video.

Check out Q n A with her girlfriend Cayla Koshar.

Some Interesting facts about Slick Stevie

  • His TikTok account has more than 3.3M followers.
  • His Tikok username is @slick.stevie.
  • His Instagram account has more than 669K followers.
  • His youtube channel has more than 1.3m+ subscribers. 
  • His Twitter account has more than 5K+ followers.
  • Some of the most-watched videos on his YouTube channel were Drink If You Have Ever.. and My Fiance Failed A Lie Detector Test In Front Of Me.
  • He has a huge audience, and you can see how he gives them credit for his growth on social media by constantly posting new content for them to enjoy.
  • Slick Stevie embarked on his mission to spread joy one 15-second video at a time.
  • He enjoys fishing, hunting and adventure sports.

Slick Stevie Fishing

  • Building deep relationships with audiences take a long time, but his friendly nature did it very quickly.
  • People love to watch his videos and have fun with them by liking, commenting, and sharing videos.
  • He is nothing short of an inspiration for all those that follow him
  • He has managed to put his passion into a successful career that he loves as well.
  • He has inked a tattoo of compass on his wrist.

Slick Stevie tattoo on wrist

  • His content is unique from the rest of the Influencers and, that makes him stand out from the others.
  • Because of his popularity, many established brands reached out to him for their promotion.
  • He has a pet dog.

Slick Stevie Pet Dog

  • He owns a BMW car.

Slick Stevie Car

  • He frequently uploads shirtless pictures. 
  • He has been documenting his many outdoor excursions and travel experiences on social media.
  • He often shares his gameplay.


Slick Stevie Social Media Profiles

Slick Stevie Social Media Presence

By August 2023, Slick Stevie has garnered an impressive social media following, with over 3.6m+ devoted fans on TikTok, more than 600k+ followers on Instagram, and a thriving YouTube community with over 1.1m+ subscribers.

Slick Stevie play Button

His snapchat account has over 120k+ followers.

Slick Stevie Instagram Explored

In the vibrant realm of social media, Instagram serves as a canvas for individuals to showcase the tapestry of their lives. Slick Stevie, a versatile content creator who has seamlessly woven a captivating narrative on his Instagram account. With a diverse array of content, including comedy sketches, daily chronicles, travel escapades, and vlogs, Slick Stevie’s profile is a captivating journey through his world.

At the heart of Slick Stevie’s Instagram lies his penchant for comedy. His comedic videos, infused with wit and creativity, leave his audience in splits while highlighting his comedic brilliance. Whether he’s playfully parodying relatable situations or concocting hilarious sketches, his content never fails to elicit laughter.

Beyond humor, Slick Stevie invites his followers to share in his day-to-day life events. His Instagram acts as a window into his world, offering glimpses of his personal experiences and forging a deeper connection with his audience. From simple moments to significant milestones, he masterfully captures the essence of human experiences.

Slick Stevie‘s Instagram isn’t just a profile; it’s a story. A story that unfolds with each post, capturing his growth, his dreams, and his unwavering spirit. It’s a story that resonates with his followers, pulling them into his world and making them part of his journey.


What is Slick Stevie’s age?

He is 24 years old as of 2023

What is Slick Stevie’s Marital Status?

He is married to Cayla Koshar.

What is Slick Stevie’s Wife name?

Cayla Koshar

What is Slick Stevie’s net worth?

0.5 million dollars +

Who is Slick Stevie?

Slick Stevie is a famous TikTok star, Youtube Star and Social media Influencer known for his comedy content.

Where is Slick Stevie from?

Sarasota, Florida

What does Slick Stevie do for Living?

He is a famous Tiktok star and Youtube star.

What car does Slick Stevie Drive?



Checkout some of his popular Tiktok videos with more than 10 M+ views



How to spoil your wife. ❤️

♬ original sound – Steve



Dad… thats not what i meant.

♬ original sound – Steve



Im just being honest…

♬ original sound – Steve



——– Thank you ——–

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